Monday, January 28, 2013

Who says moving isn't a blast?

Everyone. Everyone says moving isn't a blast. Good thing the amazing guy I call Joe doesn't care whether it's a blast or not. It needs to be done, therefore, it gets done. Joe is called King of Moving in some cultures. In any event, Joe, with help from my family and a lot from our BIL Daren, we are 80% moved in! I'm 96% sure that 45% of that statistic is made up, but we are very close! I made the incredibly difficult decision to skip the dog show match (wahhh!) but spent 9 hours painting the girl's bathroom and our bedroom. I even got over my fear of climbing ladders! Well, not so much "got over my fear" as much as "anxiously painted while thinking of every way possible to die by ladder falls". But I did it! Zelda (the new kitty we inherited with the house) spent every minute with me while I painted. I think she's confused and missing her owner, but she'll be a lot happier when we are all moved in. 

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